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6 Everyday Ways to Celebrate Your Unique Self and Build Resilience into Your Life 

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"I'd love to be motivated in life, but how can I get rid of my negative thoughts?" If you've ever asked that question, this worksheets guide are designed just for you.

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  • Practice self love in a Creative way
  • Get out of isolation to increase your Social Circle
  • Celebrate your Happy moments and life achievements
  • Instantly Perk yourself up with Power Groove!
  • Cultivate a Pump Learning's Mindset when facing challenges
  • Boost your mind to Think Positively


Award winner, Norita Omar is the founder of Strive and Thrive where she inspires and empowers the community to strive through challenges and thrive into a positive life. She does this via online and live events in hope to create more awareness and change especially for those who are affected by brain injury and mental illness. She believes collectively as a much more mindful society, we together can make a difference and reduce mental health issues which currently is at an increasing, alarming rate.  

She has been featured in community newspapers, business and health magazines and interviewed in various TV media like WestTV and Today Tonight. She succesfully grow her brand in less than 12 months where she continuously expanding her work onto more bigger projects in her pursuit to make a positive difference in this world we're living.